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Gulluoglu Diabetic Baklava with Walnut

Gulluoglu Diabetic Baklava with Walnut

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Gulluoglu Diabetic Baklava with Walnut

Diabak Baklava is designed for people with diabetes and dieters.
and it is a "special nutritional purpose" product.
• As a result of the glucose tolerance test (GTT) performed on 18 healthy volunteers from Istanbul University Çapa Medical Faculty Internal Diseases Department,
On May 25, 1999, regarding the fact that Diabak is a suitable food for slimming diets (obesity treatment), diabetic diets and cardiology diets.
report has been received.
• At the traditional Diabet Summer Camp organized by the Turkish Diabetes Association between 13-27 June 1999 in Kuşadası Kuştur Holiday Village
It has been observed that no adverse effects of Diabak given to diabetics of various types were not observed.
• Stevia with prebiotic fiber, which is a natural sweetener, is used instead of sugar in Diabak Light Baklava.
• Flour with low glycemic index is used to reduce the energy and carbohydrate amount in the flour.
• Mineral salt enriched with magnesium is used as salt, which contains 43% less sodium than normal salt.
• Enriched with dietary fibers.
Ingredients: Polydextrose, wheat flour with low glycemic index, olive oil, wholemeal flour, wheat starch, walnut depending on the variety, egg,
inulin, inulin-oligofructose, natural sweetener: stevia, mineral salt with reduced sodium, omega-3 fatty acid, water.
• It is recommended to be consumed under the supervision of a doctor.
• Maximum 3 slices should be consumed a day.
• Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

• Calculated based on the daily need for 2000 calories.
Food production certificate of Diabak dated 19.07.1999 and numbered 34-00053-00001-9.
• It is caculated based on the daily 2000 calories.
Food manufacturing certificate no. 34-00053-00001-9 dated 19.07.1999 by Diabak.

Shelf Life 10 Days


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Nadia Todorovich
Baklava for diabetics

My husband loves them, special for diabetics, fresh, crunchy, the best we have tasted and we have never found this type of quality.