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Arifoğlu, Sweet Red Pepper Paste, 350g

Arifoğlu, Sweet Red Pepper Paste, 350g

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Arifoğlu, Sweet Red Pepper Paste 350g

Ingredients: Sweet Red Pepper, Salt

Taste the Authentic Turkish Flavor

Arifoğlu's Sweet Red Pepper Paste is a staple in Turkish cuisine and is widely used in many traditional recipes. It's the perfect ingredient to enhance the taste of meat dishes, stews, and marinades.

Premium Quality Product

Arifoğlu's Sweet Red Pepper Paste is made with carefully selected sweet red peppers, which are roasted and ground to create a smooth and creamy paste. It's free from any artificial additives, preservatives, or colorings, ensuring you get the purest and most authentic taste of Turkey.

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With Arifoğlu's Sweet Red Pepper Paste, you can easily add a touch of Turkish flavor to any dish. Don't miss out on this delicious and authentic product.




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